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Characteristic School-running: Excellent Engineer Class

Excellent Engineer Class

The education and cultivating program for excellent engineers in communication engineering was approved in 2012 (the second batch of excellent program majors of the Ministry of Education). After years of construction and development, the class has established the guiding ideology of school-running with the social demand as the guide, the engineering technology practice as the main line, and the comprehensively promoting students' engineering quality and practice ability as the goal.It has formed a talent-cultivation system based on modern communication technology, with the     design and development of communication system, and the design, testing and application of wireless communication network as the major characteristics.

In the training mode, the “3+1” joint training of school and enterprise is more prominent. Relying on the off campus practice bases established by the major, such as Zhongbing Communication, Sichuan Huadi, Shanxi Radio Monitoring Station, Datang Mobile, etc., the practice of joint teaching and joint guidance courses for school enterprise teachers is carried out. On the basis of three-year training in the University, the joint venture will carry out one-year professional comprehensive engineering practice and off campus practice practice. The high-quality training has the basic knowledge of modern communication technology, systematically grasps the basic theories, analysis methods and practical skills of communication system and information network, has a good sense of innovation, self-study ability and engineering practice ability, and has a certain degree of innovation consciousness and international vision.

Professional consultant : Chenguang       Wang E-mail:


Characteristic education: Artificial Intelligence Professional Experimental Class

Artificial Intelligence Professional Experimental Class

The artificial intelligence professional experimental class is a special professional class that implements the "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" and "Innovative Action Plan for Artificial Intelligence of Colleges and Universities", which follows the engineering education concept of "facing the industry, facing the future, facing the world". Oriented by social needs and based on the background of practical engineering, relying on the characteristics of information and communication engineering discipline and "electronic information" of our university . With the core of intelligent information system and computing intelligence, and facing the future fields such as intelligent medical treatment, intelligent city, intelligent manufacturing, and driverless driving, etc.. In combination with well-known enterprises (research institutes), it has constantly summarized and absorbed the latest achievements of education and teaching reform at home and abroad, scientifically positioned the training standards and objectives of advanced engineering and technical talents. It is established to actively meet the needs of social development for the cultivation of innovative senior engineering and technical personnel.

This class is aimed at electronic information majors. The students in this class are trained according to the 1+3 model and awarded the degree of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, as North University of China is one of the first batch of 35 universities approved by the Ministry of Education to build a new undergraduate major of artificial intelligence, this university has set up this class. Students will be assigned to different majors and trained according to the independent training plan after completing the learning course of this class. The innovation practice of this major will adopt the four-year continuous online mode, and implement the systematic training of the integration of foundation, skills and application.

The students in this class enjoy high-quality education resources, and have priority to obtain the qualification of recommended full-time professional degree master candidates without examination. At the same time, the class has set up artificial intelligence centralized training camp with Baidu, Xilinx, Iluvatar CoreX and other enterprises to enhance the professional engineering application and practice ability.

Professional consultant : Ping Chen      Email:


Introduction to undergraduate majors

Electronic information category

    Electronic information (Information and communication)is a major category under the first level doctoral program of information and communication engineering, with more than 150 full-time teachers, including 25 professors and 57 associate professors.

Under this category, there are six majors: electronic information engineering, communication engineering, Optoelectronic information science and engineering, information countermeasure technology, biomedical engineering and artificial intelligence. The major of electronic information engineering is the national characteristic major and the comprehensive reform pilot major of the Ministry of Education. Communication engineering major is the national outstanding engineer education and training program major and a specialty in Shanxi Province. Optoelectronic information science and engineering is the specialty of Shanxi Province,the information countermeasure technology major is the national control distribution major and the characteristic major of the North University of China, The major of artificial intelligence is one of the first 35 undergraduate majors of "artificial intelligence" approved by the Ministry of Education.


Electronic Information Engineering

(Undergraduate, Science and engineering, Four years of schooling, National Major, Ministry of education major comprehensive reform pilot major)

This major is characterized by the acquisition and processing of physical field information, supported by electronic technology, guided by information, with equal emphasis on theoretical engineering. To train interdisciplinary engineering talents who are engaged in research, development, production, management and technical services in the fields of electronic information system, communication system and computer application. After graduation, students can master the basic theory and professional knowledge of electronic information engineering, understand the standards, specifications, procedures and regulations related to the direction of electronic information engineering, and ability to complete marketing, testing and technical support of software and hardware products, further grow into engineers, sales managers, product managers, etc.; adapt and follow the development of electronic information technology, constantly update the knowledge, improve the ability of solving problems, grow into development engineer, project managers, etc.; understand the basic principles of engineering management and economic decision-making methods, be able to applied them in multi-disciplinary and practical engineering practice, carry out management activities, have certain ability of coordination, management, competition and cooperation, and grow into an enterprise manager gradually.

Professional consultant : Jianning Han  E-mail:


Communication Engineering

(Undergraduate, Science and engineering, Four years of schooling, National excellent engineer education and training program, Characteristic major of Shanxi Province)

With the rapid development of information science and technology, Communication Engineering is a vital branch. Especially in the current information society, various communications have reached an unprecedented degree of convenience in transmitting information and getting information. Communication engineering has a very broad development prospect and is one of the major shortages of talents.

This major is affiliated to the first-level discipline doctoral degree conferring of the "Information and Communication Engineering", relying on the advantageous discipline of information and communication engineering, the Shanxi Provincial Key Laboratory of Information Detection and Processing Technology, Shanxi Nondestructive Testing Engineering Center, National Electric and Electronic Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and other scientific research and teaching platforms. The cultivated talents have the basic knowledge of modern communication technology, and can systematically master the basic theories, analytical methods and practical skills in communication systems and information networks, and have certain sense of innovation, international vision and good professionalism. These talents can engage in scientific research, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, network operations, and technology management in information and communication engineering and related fields.

Professional consultant : Chenguang Wang  E-mail:


Opto-Electronics Information Science and Engineerin

Undergraduate, Science and engineering, Four years of schooling, Characteristic Major of Shanxi ProvinceIncluding photoelectric technology and optical communication, machine vision and image processing

This major relies on the first level doctoral discipline of information and communication engineering, the first level master's discipline of optical engineering, the Key Laboratory of electronic testing technology national defense science and technology, the Key Laboratory of Instrument Science and dynamic testing of the Ministry of education, the photoelectric information and instrument engineering technology center of Shanxi Province, the Key Laboratory of information detection and processing of Shanxi Province, the key experiment of biomedical imaging and image big data of Shanxi Province Laboratory and other disciplines and scientific research platform support, as well as national electrical and electronic experiment teaching demonstration center, national teaching team of basic electronic information courses, national excellent courses, optical engineering disciplines and professional experiment platform teaching support. After nearly 15 years of professional construction and the joint efforts of all teachers, it has gradually condensed into two professional directions of photoelectric detection technology and system and photoelectric information technology, forming the professional characteristics of optical information collection conversion transmission processing, and photoelectric detection technology and system expertise. In 2011, it was approved as the major of characteristic construction in Shanxi Province.

Professional consultant:Yaoyu Cheng  


Information Confrontation Technology

(Undergraduate, Science and engineering, Four years of schooling, State-controlled distribution point, Characteristic Major of North University of China)

This major cultivates engineering and technical personnel with a high sense of social responsibility and a sense of national defense mission, capable of systematically mastering the basic theory of platform confrontation and network information security and the related knowledge, basic methods, and related practical skills about engineering application, with innovative consciousness, practical ability, and scientific research ability.

This major pays special attention to the cultivation of students' theoretical basis, innovative thinking methods, and innovation ability. A relatively stable research direction and research team has been developed, especially the research on microwave information detection and processing and Internet of things security technology is characteristic and innovative. Overall strength and level of the major has certain advantages and visibility, with a good prospect for development. At the same time, the major also carries out joint training programs with 33 and 41 research institutes of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), including scientific research experimental classes and enterprise practice. Main courses include: software radio technology, information countermeasures principle and method, information security and security technology, radar principle, electronic countermeasures principle, etc.

Professional consultant : Jinjie Yao   Email:


        Biomedical Engineering major (Undergraduate, Science and engineering, Four years of schooling)

Biomedical Engineering is a new major that fusion cross Biomedical and Signal with Information processing subject. It helps medical disease prevention and treatment, protects human health, and has good development prospects.

Biomedical Engineering major relay on two award points: first-level Doctor from Information and Communications subject, and first-level Master's degree from Biomedical Engineering subject. Shanxi Provincial Key Laboratory for Biomedical Imaging and Big Data belongs to School of Information and Communication Engineering. The team is composed of professional with special field of study, such as biomedical engineering, signal and information processing, and etc. There are 2 professors, 5 associate professors, and 75% Doctorate rate.One third of the teachers have overseas research experience and our team have been approved as "key innovation team of Shanxi 1331 project" and Shanxi science and technology innovation team. In recent years, the team has undertaken more than 30 projects such as national key scientific instrument and equipment development projects, national key research and development projects of digital diagnosis and treatment equipment, and National Natural Science Foundation of China. Our team have published more than 100 academic papers. It has established good cooperative relations with universities or medical institutions such as United States Kentucky University, Southeast University, First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, and Shanxi Bethune Hospital.

Professional consultant :Ting Ding




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