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bob游戏平台:College overview

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1.College overview

The School of Information and Communication Engineering of North University of China was established in December 2005 as a result of the merger of the Department of Electronic Information Engineering and Department of Electronic Engineering in 1995.

There are four teaching and scientific management departments under the college, including Information and Communication Engineering Discipline Management Department, Optical Engineering Discipline Management Department, Biomedical Engineering Discipline Management Department, National Electrical and Electronics Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. And it has six undergraduate majors including Electronic Information Engineering (national characteristic major), Communication Engineering (provincial characteristic major, national outstanding engineer education training program), Optical Electronic Information Science and Engineering (provincial characteristic major), Information Countermeasure Technology (national control layout major), "Artificial Intelligence +" Experimental Classes (one of the first batch of 35 new undergraduate majors approved by the Ministry of Education), and Biomedical Engineering. There are more than 3600 students in college, including nearly 3200 undergraduates and 460 doctoral and graduate students.

At present, there are one first-level discipline authorized to grant doctorate degree and post-doctor stations in information and communication engineering (key discipline of Shanxi Province), three first-level master's degree authorization centers in information and communication engineering, optical engineering and biomedical engineering, and one specialized master's degree authorization center in electronics and communication engineering. In the fourth round of discipline assessment of national universities in 2017, the discipline of "information and communication engineering" of the college entered category B. Information and communication engineering (communication and information system, signal and information processing, optoelectronic information engineering, image processing and information inversion four disciplines) to recruit doctoral students and academic master students; In optical engineering and biomedical engineering to recruit academic master students; In the field of electronic and communication engineering (national education and training program for outstanding engineers), full-time and part-time master's degree candidates are enrolled.


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